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How It Works

Quick Credit Clean LLC has a risk free program that when the customer participates will maximize your credit scores in just a few months. Almost everyone's credit report contains very serious errors that cost consumers millions in interest or credit denials. it's up to us to find these errors and We offer a FREE evaluation of your credit report with an estimate of where your credit will be once work is complete!

1. Get Started

Complete all 4 steps of enrollment. We email you a free evaluation of your credit report. Approximately 24 hours later you'll receive instructions, "strategic" letters that must be mailed within 48 hours, and educational material that will help you maximize your score.

2. The Dispute Process

With 16 years of credit experience we start the dispute process. Each round lasts 45 days so we will keep in touch. The results will be sent directly to you so you will see the process in action from start to finish. As we generate your next rounds we will re-examine your good accounts and educate you accordingly.

The items that we dispute are not always corrected on the first round - this is perfectly normal. We will automatically review your credit and Re-adjust our methods to obtain maximum results.

Quick Credit Clean LLC / QCC Financial Services
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