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Discharged Bankruptcy

Dealing with Reality

Unless you take action, these errors they will remain on your report for years. Post-bankruptcy credit repair will have a direct impact on your scores. If you don’t explore the potential of credit repair you’ll be leaving too much to chance. If you do the right things after a bankruptcy your report can be quite good within a few months of your discharge.

Post Discharge Adjustments

Credit repair is critical after a bankruptcy has a tremendous effect on your report. The discharged accounts need to be updated and many creditors stop updating after you discharge date so these items remain. Old accounts not included in the bankruptcy will still remain on your credit report and leave a very negative imprint.

We Can Help

Quick Credit Clean specializes in post-bankruptcy credit repair. Once you sign up we will do a line by line examination of your credit report and show you the area(s) that can be improved. We will keep the lines of communication open and no question is too small. Please click below to join our program today and let us help you raise your score and keep it there!

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